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Dog Behavior Classes, Erie PA

Behavior Classes to Therapy Dog Skills

Work with us to solve problematic behaviors.

Train your beloved family member to be therapy dog.

6 Weeks of tested and proven curriculum!

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5 Class Levels Available


For dogs with no previous training. Learn basic cues, & prevent unwanted behavior. Dogs graduate with a love of training.

Start a strong foundation.



For dogs with level one or equivalent. Dogs graduate listening from further away, for longer periods of time, and with more distractions.

For dogs with level two or equivalent. Dogs graduate comfortable working for you during exciting situations like pet friendly events.

Build real world reliability.

A dog you can take anywhere.


For dogs with level three or equivalent. Dogs graduate with the knowledge to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Create a test-ready dog.


For dogs who have passed the Canine Good Citizen Test. Dogs Graduate with  the skills necessary for Therapy Dog Testing.

Practice therapy dog test prep.