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Dog Daycare, Erie PA

Doggy day camp exclusive for clients! 

Address your dog's physical, mental, and emotional needs!

Mental enrichment for confidence building and stimulation

Physical enrichment in small, monitored play groups with other, appropriate dogs

Our day camp is currently full so we are not accepting new clients at this time

Day camp is a different model for Doggy Day care, which focuses on your dog’s physical, emotional and mental needs.  

What sets us apart?

Most daycares focus on all day play, which isn’t the best option for most dogs. Non-stop play can result in dogs that are too excited around other dogs, can build up your dogs tolerance to all day activity, and can lead to injuries.


We are also staffed by an accredited trainer and staff that have years of experience with dog body language and positive reinforcement training methods.

Day camp balances your goal of a physically tired dog with your dog's mental and physical health and safety in mind.  


We incorporate mental enrichment for confidence building and stimulation, physical enrichment with small, monitored play groups with other appropriate dogs, and structured rest periods to ensure your dog isn’t overdoing it, is learning how to be calm around other dogs, and to work on kennel training.  


These rest periods your dog will be offered a frozen Kong toy stuffed with ProPlan wet food.  During the day we also work on recall, doorway behaviors, not jumping, and reinforcing training your dog has already completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our “Policies, Terms and Conditions” before  registering

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