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Service Dog Training, Erie PA

Flexible training options that incorporate owner & professional training!

Public Access Testing & Task Training

PTSD, autism, or mobility service dogs

Home companion training


Packages Available

PTSD, Mobility, and Autism Dogs 

$50 Initial Consult

$50 Temperament Test Dog Evaluation

What are Service Dogs?

Service dogs are defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and are dogs that are specifically trained to help people with disabilities. For example, service dogs can be trained to help people who have PTSD, mobility impairments, are deaf or hard of hearing, have diabetes or many other conditions. We can help people with disabilities train their own dog to assist them as a service dog. If you want to identify a specialty, identify your specialty by the type of service dog you do train (i.e. mobility assistance dog, psychiatric service dog, hearing dog) rather than listing the types you do not.

Service dogs are never guaranteed. We reserve the right to discontinue service dog work with any client as deemed necessary.


Owner Requirements

• Have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act

• Any age requirement for the owner (18 and older)

• Able to participate in training lessons over an extended period of time. The initial training can take a year, two, or even longer.

• Able to commit time to practicing with your dog regularly between appointments.

• Aware that you may end up with a dog that can only help at home or in places pets are allowed. Up to
50% of service dog candidates in programs are not able to complete training and work in places pets
are not permitted.

• Willing to wait until we evaluate your dog’s suitability and help you train your dog foundation skills before putting service dog identification on your dog and before taking your dog to places pets are not permitted.

• Have support from your licensed healthcare provider for use of a service dog.


Dog Requirements

• No history of aggression towards dogs, people or other animals

• Easily trained. A breed or mix likely to have characteristics suitable for service work such as Labradors
and Golden retrievers. Each dog is assessed as an individual but some breeds are more likely to exhibit
characteristics suitable for service work than others.

• No history of any serious behavior problems like fear or separation anxiety

• Under age 4, physically healthy. 



$50 Initial Consult

$50 Temperament Test Dog Evaluation

Average Total Cost

Process costs an average of $15-25K over the course of two years of training.

Discounted Rates

Dogs who have passed public access and trained with SICA will receive a discount rate of $280/4 sessions or $2400 for a two week board and train refresher.